Why Prophet

Because Fresh Produce is different. 


The Opportunity 

Fresh Produce demands something different because the Fresh Produce industry does something different.


Every consignment of product can be different down to the pallet level – even from the last consignment received from the same vendor. 

Geography, seasons, local weather conditions, whether the deal is a fixed price or based on producing a Grower Return once the goods are traded, whether the product has problems and will have a lower yield or higher wastage – these all make for highly variable costs.

Margins are low and getting increasingly lower and companies are forced to handle higher and higher volumes to make money. All of this demands very exacting control.

Average costs / standard cost / variance analysis approaches that rely on the General Ledger simply do not allow the management of every detail and speed of information needed to find the losses and act quickly enough to make money. 

Prophet’s inventory centric consignment accounting does.

What We Do

We focus on all aspects of software for perishable foods and particularly Fresh Produce.

  • Focus on all aspects of software for perishable foods and particularly Fresh Produce 

  • Deliver exact  inventory control down to pallet for low margin/high volume perishables

  • Produce rapid true customer, vendor and product profitability reporting

  • Build integrated software solutions that get used for all and every task in a Fresh Produce company – whether planning, executing or accounting

  • Provide standardised software using the very latest technology that:

    • Adapts easily

    • Upgrades throughout the year to deliver improvement
      to all our customers

    • Automates

  • Offer open access to data that is easily to use for reporting and business intelligence 

  • Provide familiar faces and a close and collaborative working relationship over the short, medium and long term to work with you to overcome your business challenges

Working Across the Entire Supply Chain 



Large Corporate Food Companies

Large and Medium Sized Retailers



Marketing Agents / Brokers

Importers / Exporters

Packers / Processors

Food Service / Retail Distributors

3rd Party Warehouse Service Providers


The Benefits 

Deep implementations

All planning, trading, technical and operation and accounting tasks able to be performed onto one integrated/coordinating database.

Seamless flow

From planned to executed to accounted.

Integrated data exchange

With all supply chain partners and operational machinery.

Lower cost 

Lower cost to operate. 

Immediate insights

From powerful data analysis to drive decision making – including meaningful daily gross profitability by customer order line item.

Evolving automation

Evolving automation in all tasks.

Improved service level

And so higher retention of customers and vendors.

Increased sales

And increased profitability.

Future proofed

Technology investment that constantly evolves.


Prophet Annual License

Software that evolves with you.  

Prophet's experienced technical team is constantly using its broad industry intelligence to update and upgrade our products, and every user with an annual license automatically shares the benefit of every upgrade free-of-charge. 

We make sure our customers don't just get the benefit of a software solution when they join the Prophet club, they also sign up for a solution that is guaranteed to evolve with their industry.

By working closely with our customers, learning from their intensive use of the software and seeing what works, we create the opportunity for them to constantly push forwards.

Every single thing we do at Prophet aims to improve the profitability of our customers. Our objective is to drive down your costs and help you deliver better margins through complete and immediate control. By providing a flexible, cost-efficient and trustworthy solution to your customer's requirements, we can safeguard your business's performance and reputation.