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Fresh Produce experts.

Who Are Prophet

Established over 30 years ago, Prophet are the leading software provider for the fresh food and horticultural business, with extensive experience of fresh and chilled perishable produce. Founded in the 1980s, the company was set up to provide inventory control and inventory accounting systems to:

  • Wholesalers who handled products from local and foreign growers that required a grower return once the sales were completed.

  • Fresh Produce retailers who needed to know how they were making the money every day on what they sold when they purchased product from so many wholesalers at different costs.

These foundations provide the basis for all that followed. Through a series of changes in technology and substantial changes in the way that retailing and the Fresh Produce supply chain works to service retailers, Prophet has grown as a team of long established software experts who have taken a deep dive into understanding Fresh Produce. This team works to understand how to adapt the software to the latest technology, to the evolving needs of the supply chain and to judge what changes will make a difference.


As our user base expands in countries around the world, the scope of our software is being increasingly globalised, while always reflecting the particular needs of each national marketplace. Today, we are a large team of dedicated experts in our field, and we understand the common needs of operators at every stage of the supply chain. With offices on three continents, and customers across the globe, we can help you wherever you are.

And our rapid-response customer service department is available 24-hours a day throughout the year. Wherever you are in the world, we will deal with your enquiry or problem immediately and efficiently.

Our Journey 


DEC PDP “Green Screen” System

First systems in UK wholesale markets

First systems in Importers

First systems in Fresh Produce Store Chain Retailer system


Unix “Green Screen” Systems

Emergence of Supermarket retail

First systems for Food Service and Retail Distributors

First systems for Packing and Category Managers

First systems for grower shippers in UK market

First systems in Europe

First bar code scanning systems

Acquisition of main UK competitor

First system in United States


Microsoft Windows Graphical User Interface

First system to supermarket retailers for procurement, packing and distribution of Fresh

Evolution of EDI messaging as mainstream data exchange tool

Acquisition of South African competitor

First systems to exporters working from grower to vessel to end importer

First RFID scanning systems

First fully robotic warehouse systems


Mobile and Web Enabled User Interface

First voice driven warehouse systems

Acquisition of US competitor to form Prophet North America

Establishment of main US office

2015 →

Workspace Automation

Development of Workspace Technology

First automation software

First smart algorithms