User Convention is a hit with Customers!

We were excited to host our 2019 UK & Ireland User Convention in London last week.  A great turnout from over 150 customers and colleagues proved to be beneficial for all who attended.

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Guests enjoyed listening to a range of informative presentations during the event. Speakers included Prophet’s MD, Mark Peachey, who opened the Convention discussing Pr4 software; Minos Athanassiadis from HarvestMark giving an overview of Blockchain, James Judge from Berry Gardens presenting a User’s experience and Mihai Ciobanu from Fresh4Cast taking a look at Artificial Intelligence in practice – to name a few.

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Hosting a Convention allows Prophet and its customers to catch up with friends and colleagues across the industry, while broadening everyone’s knowledge on the system and inspiring customers with plans for the future.  Hearing from users was well received by everyone and will be repeated at future Conventions. 

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The atmosphere on both days was enhanced during the many networking opportunities, including the lovely Convention dinner which was punctuated by conversations and laughter!

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The Prophet Team were delighted with customer feedback which included the following quotes :

·        ‘Well organised event, really informative’

·        ‘The best Prophet event I’ve been to in almost 20 years!’

·        ‘We thoroughly enjoyed catching up with people’

·        ‘Great speaking to Prophet Developers and seeing what the near future looks like’

·        ‘Really useful seeing how other companies work and use Prophet’

·        ‘Very useful event, especially new features’

·        ‘I really enjoyed the future visions and User experiences’

·        ‘The new functionality piece was really cool!’

·        ‘Central location was a great idea, as was catching up with Prophet staff and listening to User questions’

·        ‘Everything covered was useful, especially the User experiences of Workspaces’

·        ‘Really enjoyed the Convention, very informative.  Well done Prophet!’

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Thank you to everyone who joined us and for creating a great event.  We hope to see you again soon!

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