UK students set to make an impact overseas

Later this month, Prophet UK is delighted to be taking two UK students to South Africa on a fabulous work placement to Prophet SA.

Will Davis, a Film, Television & Digital Production student from Bath Spa University and Laura Walker, a Geography student from Birmingham University are enthusiastic about this experience.

Laura says of the placement ‘I am really looking forward to this trip, combining much of my academic learning with the practical application of a work placement. The itinerary looks amazing and I can’t wait to get started!’

Our South African team has devised a fantastic tour visiting Le Roux Group, Thornlands, Kingfisher Fruits and Fruitways in order to create exciting new customer stories for our digital and print channels. JD van Wyk, Director at Prophet SA, says ‘’This provides a fresh perspective on our customers’ system experience. The projects’ stretches beyond merely the technical aspects of our systems and the users’ needs and includes raising the profile of some of our key clients whilst also exploring the strategic value of these partnerships and the role ERP systems hold for these clients and the industry in general.’

 Will has already carried out successful work experience with Prophet supporting the UK & Ireland Convention by creating video footage of the event.    This trip will form part of his Global Citizenship placement.  Lizzie Bryant, the Global Citizenship Course Leader, explains more ‘The Global Citizenship course at Bath Spa University is designed to give students the opportunity to both expand their experiences and learning outside their UG degree courses, and to feed these experiences back into their degree learning. Will's placement with Prophet in South Africa is an excellent example of a student making the most out of an opportunity and I am sure he will get a lot out of this experience and will take advantage of every opportunity given to him out there."

 Will adds "I aim to develop my film making capabilities in a completely different environment that I’m used to.  I also want to continually grow a greater understanding of how to work closely with a business, ensuring that their needs are met and learning how to achieve their specific targets for the film. I believe that an experience like this is invaluable to my journey into a career in film and that it puts me in a great position in terms of my employability for the future."

 Claire Powell, Business Development & Marketing Manager, who is accompanying the students on the visits commented ‘This is a wonderful opportunity for our two exceptional students as well as Prophet itself.  We very much look forward to sharing the fruits of the work placement with everyone this summer’.