Prophet South Africa’s Dynamic QX Reporting Module

Apply Changes to Shipping Documentation “on the fly” with Prophet South Africa’s Dynamic QX Reporting Module.

Taking the headache out of adapting the required documentation for multiple exports is possible with Prophet’s Dynamic Reporting module.

Dynamic Reporting Final 7-Current View169.png

Among others, some of the features of the Dynamic Reporting module include access to custom-designed document templates which may be fully edited, tailored selection of pre-loaded QX data to enable clients to complete documents and access control and capability for audit trails of report changes.

Smooth data interchange was the main motivation behind the development of this tool. Not only was the module designed in response to the need to make quick changes to various industry-related shipping documentation, but also to expand its use to other system documentation and reports throughout the QX offering.

 The QX report editing tool is convenient and easy to use and allows clients to choose to have their document and report templates customised and linked to the module. It also allows for changes to be made to industry documentation that was previously difficult to amend. Users requiring instant changes to industry and in-house documents without having to rectify large amounts of source data or recapture entire documents will find this module an invaluable tool.

AfricaDaniel Basson