Intra-company knowledge sharing

Two colleagues from our South Africa office, Sandra and Anina, recently spent a two week placement in the UK office.  The aim of the trip was to share knowledge and strengthen team working.  The placement included Greenyard Fresh kindly hosting a visit for us and a trip to our local pub in the sun!

Anina Theunissen, SA’s Team Lead on Pr3 tells us more, ‘Valuable time was spent alongside UK staff at the office, as well as onsite at a Packhouse, from which we got a better understanding of workflows in the UK.  We worked with various teams at the UK office, which led to an improved understanding of underlying processes in development, support, resource planning and QC.  These can be applied at the South African office.’ 

Meeting our colleagues goes a long way in opening up communication between offices in the future and the sharing of knowledge between staff members from different offices can never be underestimated.  It was a great experience!’

Sandra Harris, SA’s Pr3 Account Manager added, ‘What a fantastic opportunity to get to know our UK colleagues and gain a better understanding of how the UK office operates. It was a great learning experience, as well as sharing of ideas and knowledge.  We got so much out of the trip.’

The UK’s General Manager, Nicky Gemmell, said of the visit ‘It’s always good to meet up face to face - it builds a stronger link between colleagues in the different offices, facilitates a better understanding of each other’s challenges and helps communication going forward.  It’s also nice to make new friends.’

It sounds like the trip lived up to expectations! 

SA colleagues in UK low res.jpeg